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Managing stress in the workplace.

Santa gnome in a yellow jacket. Anger at rising costs, longer working hours, delayed commutes home, poor mental health, dwindling pensions and everything in between have all taken their toll. read the blog

Organisational performance

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Robot with a human face. Customer service doesn’t just say a lot about the way a firm treats those on the outside, it also says a lot about the treatment of people on the inside. read the blog

Working hours

It's time to call time.

Watch face. The global phenomena for our long hours work culture is failing organisations, as well as employees.  Strong leadership means removing the stigma of leaving on time and proactively rewarding those who work ‘smart’ – not hard. read the blog

Crisis Management

Lone wolves still need to lead the pack.

Lone wolf ready to attack. In crisis management, lone wolves still need to lead the pack. What’s essential for effective leadership during testing times is collaboration and communication. read the blog


Shining a light in dark corners.

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Because they're worth it.

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They don't always make perfect employees.

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Do we undervalue them?

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