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We have all been on training courses that appear to provide the answers, yet even with the best of intentions, their impact in the long-term is pretty minimal. For training to be successful, it requires a 360 degree approach, delivered over time.

Our three-stage approach ensures that you maximise your learning and evolve organically as a manager or leader. We combine a range of learning strategies because we know that what works for one may not work for everyone. We believe that getting the most from the learning process is absolutely key to your success.

Our range of programmes are all about re-setting the dial and ensuring you are able to put knowledge into practice. Promise In People help you embed these new behaviours, allowing you to feel confident in your role.

Stage One
Bespoke Interactive Workshop

Face-to-face training is an essential component of becoming a capable manager or leader. We offer three different programmes depending on where you are in your career: Aspiring Managers; Evolving Managers and Leading from the Top.

Each programme begins with a tailored interactive workshop. We take a client-centred approach, which means participation is key and we keep the numbers small to maximise the learning experience. The workshops cover a range of issues including how to have difficult conversations, balancing organisational priorities and communicating effectively with your team.

All our programmes are designed to be evidence-based. This means that the materials we use are grounded in research but we also bring a heavy dose of pragmatism to our training. We know that concepts and statistics can leave people cold, so we make sure you are able to apply your learning to real-world business scenarios.

By the end you will have the foundations for building on your career as a manager, but this is just the start.

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Stage Two
1-2-1 Management Mentoring

From time to time, we believe we all can benefit from a bit of support. As such, every client receives 1-2-1 mentoring for six months after they complete a workshop.

Designed to give you an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned, these sessions provide a relaxed and safe space for you to discuss your progress. Delivered online, mentoring takes place in the strictest of confidence, ensuring we build a trusting relationship with you.

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Stage Three
Online Community Membership

Each member is given one year’s access to our interactive online management platform.

Our community engages people from across our programmes and beyond, facilitating shared learning and providing a wealth of new research and innovative thinking in contemporary management practice. The community is highly participative and has been carefully developed to ensure our members evolve as they progress through their careers.

The platform is led by our panel of people and management experts, who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the community, providing their take on how to manage effectively.

Course members can also book their 1-2-1 mentoring sessions via the platform booking system.

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