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Our programmes are carefully designed to ensure that at each career pivot point you can access the necessary training and support required to improve and grow as a manager or leader. We build our programmes around a core toolkit that we believe is essential for success.

The structure of our programmes also enables you to add additional bolt-ons to the toolkit. These may be specific to your organisation, sector or region, making the learning experience tailored and relevant to you and your business.

We take a client-centred approach and use simulation exercises to help solve real-world business challenges and reinforce knowledge. Participation is therefore key as we prepare you to apply learning to practice.

Aspiring Managers

For ambitious graduates or those starting out on their careers, we offer the Aspiring Managers Programme. This introduces those who have been identified as a future manager - or who are thinking about entering management - to the core skills and competencies required to undertake the role.

Understanding what makes a great manager and whether you have what it takes to thrive as a leader, is critical to your success. It is also important for organisations to identify future leaders and to build a sustainable talent pipeline.

The Aspiring Managers Programme ensures those with the potential to go far are put on the right track and supported from the very start.

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Evolving Managers

Our Evolving Managers Programme is designed for those already working as junior or middle managers. The aim of the course is to guide and support those who are new to the role, or who would benefit from developing their managerial skills further.

At Promise In People we help you understand how to lead and get the best from your team. So whether you are going through a period of change, recruiting new staff members, or you want to capitalise on improving employee performance, we can equip you or your managers with the right tools to create a positive impact on your organisation.

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Leading from the Top

Whilst the role of a manager is to implement the business agenda, the role of a leader is to set it. Research shows that newly appointed leaders often continue to use the tools they learned as a manager, failing to recognise the need to develop an entirely new skills set.

Executives must determine the pace and direction of a business and understand the strategic priorities. This programme is designed to help you grow as a leader and ensure the investment made in training produces cost-effective outcomes.

This programme is designed to support you as you move from a management into a leadership role, preparing you for life at the top of an organisation.

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