Organisational Solutions

In addition to our premier training programmes, Promise In People are experts in developing people and organisational strategies and research.

Over the years we have undertaken research in areas such as performance management, employee engagement, employee relations, women’s leadership, change management and talent and recruitment.

A good example of how we use our academic training to help commercial businesses succeed is our research on reward management [...], published on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

We have also helped growing organisations and start-ups understand the value of people management through our carefully designed people strategies. Outlined below are some of the key areas that we specialise in.

Talent and recruitment

Get the wrong people and you are in for a tough time. Of course, it is likely that you know your business well enough to understand exactly what it is you are looking for. No doubt you already have some great people working in your team, but are your stars all shining brightly? And are the skills you think you are looking for really what is needed?

Promise In People can help you assess your recruitment needs by reviewing your roles and organisational structure, to meet the needs of your business. We can help you put together a framework that allows people to thrive, without constraining them and limiting their development.

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Performance and Pay

The value of performance reviews and their ability to incentivise has become a perennial debate amongst people experts. If you are currently running staff appraisals, ask yourself – what are they achieving? If you are not, then what are the alternatives? Perhaps now is the time to take stock and redefine their scope and purpose, considering the balance between financial and non-financial rewards.

There are a number of ways in which businesses can manage group and individual performance better. Promise In People can give you the tools to help reach your potential and keep hold of your rising stars. Most strategies do not require you to measure every behaviour, instead relying on clear objectives and effective communication.

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Culture and Employer Branding

You might think branding is something you have already got sorted. However, organisational culture and your employee value proposition is pivotal to attracting and retaining the right kind of people.

How valued your employees feel is essential to your long term success. If you have already got talented and creative people knocking at your door, then you are doing something right. But unless you nurture those high flyers, it is likely that you will lose them and this can be damaging to your turnover and your reputation.

Promise In People can help you build a strong employer brand and organisational culture by developing an exciting but authentic employee experience.

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Keep it Legal

From time to time, all businesses need a bit of guidance. Whatever your sector, the legal framework must be followed. Getting it wrong is not worth the financial cost or reputational damage.

Promise In People are here to make sure you do things right by putting the necessary checks and balances in place. Whether you are bringing someone new in or you have got a bit of a situation, we can advise.

No fans of process for process sake, we do not believe in tying yourself up in never ending paperwork. However, building a framework that is transparent will help ensure everyone is on the same page.

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