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Performance and Pay

One area that the HR community has deliberated over in recent years is performance management. Progressive folk are starting to question the value of performance review and their link to incentivising individuals.

If you're currently running staff appraisals, ask yourself – what are they achieving? If you're not, then what’s the alternative? Perhaps now is the time to take stock and redefine their scope and consider if your performance management system is fit for purpose.

In general terms, there are a number of ways in which businesses can manage performance better. Most of them don't require you to measure success by every inch (and therefore take up all your time measuring it). However, they do require clear objectives and first class communication.

Promise In People can give you the tools to help manage your rising stars. Keeping hold of the good apples and letting go of the bad ones. No one likes managing poor performers but early detection is key. Avoid "management by avoidance" - nip it in the bud – and it will pay later down the line.

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