Why Choose Promise In People?

We are cost effective

whilst never compromising on the quality of our output, our unique approach is designed to reduce your costs.

We think as well as do

combining premier research with a heavy dose of real-world pragmatism.

We understand business

and design creative but realistic solutions that are aligned to your core strategies.

We know what works

and so partner with you for the longer-term, combining 1-2-1 mentoring with an online management community platform.

who we are

Dr Marie Bailey

One of the biggest costs to a company is dealing with the challenges of people management. Throughout my 15-year career in HR and organisational development, I have regularly witnessed the detrimental impact poor management and leadership brings to an organisation.

When teams become dysfunctional, individuals become demotivated and organisational performance dips. Employees can often engage in rent-seeking behaviour and trust between line managers and staff then breaks down. Managers and leaders can often feel isolated, particularly when they end up managing teams they were once part of. As the saying goes, it is lonely at the top!

As both a practitioner and academic, I have worked with management and leadership teams across a range of platforms. From big hitters in pharmaceuticals and finance, to niche start-ups and Russell Group universities, I have seen a fair bit and so have the rest of the Promise In People team.

Dr Marie Bailey

During my time, I have become increasingly frustrated by what people management claims to offer and how companies fail to support their managers. Great businesses require strong leadership and progressive organisational cultures. If you get that bit right, the rest will look after itself. But often the strategies implemented do not help the people they are designed to assist.

We launched Promise In People to help companies respond to the issues they face and to help them see the bigger picture, understanding that successful workplaces require high performing teams.

Our mission is to debunk the rhetoric surrounding people management and the lip service paid to training. We want to demonstrate that great managers and well-executed people strategies can combine to create a force for good.

Promise In People are passionate about making people strategies work for the business, and we are really keen to take a different approach. One that is pragmatic evidence-based, helping you grow – not stifle - your business.

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Who you are

Promise In People works with a variety of clients and companies.

You may be an organisation looking to invest in training for a number of your employees and want us to help deliver across a range of groups. You may be a decision-maker wanting to inject a fresh perspective into your people or HR strategy.

Alternatively, you may be an individual who is seeking to develop your skills and capabilities within your own role and want to take control of your own career development. Or a founder of an SME who is now leading a team.

What all Promise In People clients have in common is that they recognise the value of managing people and leading teams effectively. Our clients know that the rewards of investing in training and people management far outweigh the initial financial commitment.

We are here to help shape how you or your business operates and strengthen organisational performance.

Promise In People are heroes in people management and we want you to become heroes too.

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